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We are located at 200 E Pecan St , Pflugerville TX Near downtown at the cross of Railroad and Pecan. Near el Rincon and Hanovers

The concept is about simplicity and quality for our customer.


MrPfranks' aim is to provide a great quality product, as easy as possible!


The way YOU want it.


With that in mind, all processes, pricing and customer choices

are as simple as possible.

It should not be difficult to decide what you want.

When you come to MrPfranks you want a hot dog.


Because the “What” is answered we have chosen to focus on the “HOW”


All of our ¼ lb, all-beef Kosher pfranks will be steamed first (pre-prep stage) then kept warm in our School-bus themed steam table, until you order.


Fixings or No fixings?

With our choice of 5 toppings

(Hand chopped Onions, Sauerkraut, Jalapeños, Chili sauce and Cheese sauce)

YOU can customize your Pfrank any way you want, all for only $1.00

It does not matter how many or how few fixings you add.


Chips? A variety of individually bagged chips and other snack items, will be available at the counter.


Add a drink?  Refrigerated canned beverages will be available at the checkout.


Ice Cream? We have Klondike Bars, and other cool treats available to round out your MrPfranks experience.


It is as simple as we can make it and still offers a wide variety of choice for you, our customer.


You know WHAT you want, and we aim to give it to you!


By focusing on quality products and simplicity of choice, we are confident you will have an enjoyable customer experience.


Pricing is simple.  ALL pricing will be set on a 25 cent scale, no $4.79 +tax here. If the price says $5.00, the price is $5.00. No need to count out those pennies, nickles and dimes.

All prices have tax included for a simple and easy paying experience, as we said, if the price says $5.00 you pay $5.00!


Combo meals are available, to save you time and money!


We look forward to serving you!



Tuesday - Saturday


Closed Sunday and Mondays


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