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A HUGE thank you to everyone who made our 512HotDogs Program Sucessful!

Brother Barry

Thank you Lorie!

Thank you Googie!

Thank you Allison!

Todd S.

Pflugerville Realty

Lindsay B.

Cadenas Family

Heather S

Auntie Paula K

Larry Walls

Paul Bruski

Micheal Tolan

TD Morris


THE Larry E

Lola Tarver

Micayla Moore

Babus Himself

Jeni Sue

The Elsenpeters

Miss Molly

Art Morrical

Vidya Baliga

Pete G

Julee Ware


Torquil Dewar

Maj. Robert Wood

Weber Schultz

Auntie Pam

Errol Mortland

Kerrie Herrera

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